And it FElt like a Kiss

Conceived by Brandon Powers & Visager
Directed + Choreographed by Brandon Powers
Original Music by Visager
Featuring: Trevor Rex, Kristen Brooks Sandler, Marjie Shrimpton, Maria Cristina Slye, and Margaret Tudor
Production Design by Rachel Birnbaum & Brandon Powers

We all lead many different lives. No longer just as brothers, sisters, friends, and lovers, but online, as GoCats34, SandraL, and BrainAttack99. Each of these profiles take on unique personalities and portions of ourselves. The more time we spend online, the more these profiles influence our behavior offline. “And It Felt Like a Kiss” is a dance theatre experience investigating how our lives are shifting with the revelation of these multiple personalities that have remained under the surface. Utilizing movement, technology, and interactivity, this project will explore how our relationships with technology have shifted our relationships with each other, especially in regards to intimacy. With new apps and websites, intimacy is no longer found just in person. We now use devices to seek it out. Many quip this is making us lonelier, but this project seeks to illuminate how if feels to use our 21st century tools to make a connection. Featuring original electronica music by Visager, the goal of this project is to stage experiences often kept private between our phones, tablets, computers, and ourselves in order to discover ways for having better conversations surrounding the technology shaping our lives each day.

An initial production took place at Dixon Place on June 12th.