Frankenstein AI:

Executive Creative Direction: Lance Weiler
Creative Strategy: Rachel Ginsberg
Interactive Narrative Design: Nick Fortugno
Key Collaborator/Choreographer/Producer: Brandon Powers
AI Visualization: Klip Collective / Ricardo Rivera / Florian Mosleh
Score/Sound/Instrument Design: Peter English & Jeff Gregorio
Machine Learning Engineer: Hunter Owens
Data Designer: Sarah Henry
Creative Technologists: Ramsey Nassar & Kaho Abe
Production Designer: Jennifer Nasal
Dancer: Jacinda Ratcliffe

Official Selection to New Frontier at Sundance Film Festival 2018
Park City, UT
January 19-27, 2018

Photo credit: Rebecca Murga

Inspired by the 200th anniversary of Shelley’s seminal text, this participatory installation explores our relationship to the ubiquitous and emerging technology of artificial intelligence. Participants are prompted to reveal their memories, emotions, fears, and hopes to an AI while it attempts to learn about humanity from those who participate.

Click here for conversation with Kent Bye from Voices of VR Podcast about my process creating the AI-augmented choreography for this project.

Click here for a video of a recent talk Brandon gave at Creative Tech Week in NYC about creating AI-augmented choreography for the project.

One of my favorite parts of Sundance’s New Frontier lineup
— Adi Robertson, The Verge
The set pieces include a dimly lit room where red velvet chairs ring tables outfitted with touchscreens that resemble a Ouija board married to an iPad; a dance performance of “algorithmic choreography” that mimics the process of machine learning; and the physical manifestation of the monster itself: a large plexiglass tank filled with smoke and abstract visualizations of code and projections of bits of imagery culled from the internet.
— Sara Rafsky, IndieWire