New Season, New Projects


It has been a long while since my last update so there is quite a bit to get to.

First off, THE ESSENTIAL ELLA MAYTHORNE received a completely sold-out, standing room only, world premiere at Dixon Place on February 19th. It was thrilling to bring this fresh and important play about sexual violence on college campuses to audiences. We’re back in the development phase, incorporating what we learned in February into a new draft which will have a table read next week. 

This month is filled with small spurts of new dance. Earlier this month, I competed as a choreographer in XYZ NYC's quarterly dance event. Inspired by reality-tv, this event pairs a choreographer with new dancers and challenges them to create a new dance based upon a certain theme within just one week. With my two dancers, we created 8 minutes of choreography in 15 hours of rehearsal time and WON the competition! Now I’ll be moving on to the Championship Round on April 21st. I’m very excited to be back at it again and would absolutely love your support. The stakes are high as the winner will receive a 2-3 night show at The Tank exclusively for their work. I hope you can make it.

This week I’m in the midst of creating a series of pop-up dances for the Creators Collective’s Spring Party this Saturday, April 2nd. In February, I restaged a duet from AND IT FELT LIKE A KISS for their “Ready Freddy’s” event at Freddy’s in Park Slope (video available here) and they invited me back to be a part of this exciting marathon of performances taking place on Saturday. I’m choreographing a series of duets utilizing the actual bar space at Freddy’s to create an immersive thread to the party. Guests will be introduced to the characters early in the night and follow their relationship. Tickets and more information are available here

The Creators Collective is a terrific group of makers and producers who have quickly become quite supportive of my work, so I’d love to share Saturday with you.

And now for an exciting announcement: Over the past several months I have become more and more entrenched in, entranced by, and obsessed with vloggers (video bloggers) That is, people that maintain YouTube channels and post videos on a regular basis often everyday. If this is a phenomenon you are not aware of, I highly suggest you head to YouTube and watch a video like this one by Casey Neistat. These vloggers document their lives and every video often receive over a million views. That’s a million views A DAY. As a creative person intrigued by the influence of technology and social media in our lives, people like Casey Neistat and his followers fascinate me. What makes us watch him everyday? Aspiration? Jealousy? What is it like to be him? Carrying a camera everywhere he goes? Talking simultaneously to himself and a million people? How can he be honest and vulnerable without being completely conceited? I firmly believe YouTube, Snapchat, and the vloggers/users of these platforms are the future of celebrity and entertainment. You may not know who Casey or Roman Atwood are, but ask a middle schooler and they’ll react like you’re asking who Beyonce is.

I decided this week that I want to learn more about this YouTube culture. And I believe the best way to learn is by doing, so I’m starting a vlog. Now, do I think I will have a million people watching my videos, no. But I do hope to understand not only what it’s like to star in the reality show of my life, but also to challenge myself to constantly create content. I see a huge disconnect between the live arts world and the film/new media world as these new forms are being developed. I want to be a part of the bridge between these two worlds and hopefully share my work, meet new collaborators, and inspire others along the way.

Head to my YouTube channel now and hit subscribe so you don’t miss my first post on Monday. You’ll already see some other videos I created when I first experimented with weekly vlogging this past winter. I created a “Weekly Choreography Challenge” which challenged me to create a new dance each week for 4 weeks (some other video from the “Choreography Challenge” series are available on my Vimeo because they violated the copyright agreement on YouTube.). 

That is all for now. I hope to see you this Saturday for the Spring Party or on the 21st for the XYZ Championship.

As always, please reach out to me with any questions or feedback.