The habitat

Adapted + choreographed by Brandon Powers
from the Gimlet Media podcast, "The Habitat"

NY Theatre Barn
Choreography Lab May 2018

Anjelica Fellini, Matthew Borchers, Carrie Keating, Emma Bartolomucci

This piece is based on a new podcast series called "The Habitat," which follows a group of "astronauts" taking part in NASA's HI-SEAS mission which tests what it would be like to live on Mars for a year. They do this by living in a small dome in Hawaii with no contact with the outside world besides an internet connection with a 20 minute delay. 

For this lab, my mission was to experiment with theatricalizing a podcast, invoking it's characters and mood, while creating a dance with complex phrase work which experiments with foreground/background and stylized gesture, with the hope to challenge my movement vocabulary and teaching skills with higher caliber dancers.