Queerskins: Ark

A new episode in the episodic VR experience, Queerskins, which explores the dynamic tension between the “real” and the virtual, fact and fiction, memory and desire through a compelling, character-driven narrative. This episode includes an interactive choreographed duet utilizing volumetric capture which will give a unique experience for each user.


UndAR The Sea

A new multiplayer AR game where players follow virtual fish in rhythm with their favorite songs. Each level will have unique choreography creating an exciting experience to both play and observe. This project is funded by Google Games.


TCG National Conference

Brandon will be on a panel discussing the impact and power of AR & VR work in the theatre industry and sharing a demo of a new Magic Leap dance experience he is developing.


The Way

A new play created in collaboration with Seonjae Kim about a new church which prays to AI as it's Godhead. Performances will take place simultaneously in South Korea and New York City be connected through telepresence.



A immersive installation which had it's world premiere at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.

Brandon was featured on the Voices of VR Podcast, discussing his algorithmic choreography. Listen here.

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Choreography Lab

Brandon participated in NY Theatre Barn's Choreography Lab on May 21st where he presented the the premiere of his adaptation of the podcast, "The Habitat."